How it all began
In February 2010, Rodney and Ahmor Orr organised and led a mission trip to the Philippines mainly to work alongside a local church and see the work first-hand. For the six adults who joined the trip, it was their first time to visit the country and see extreme poverty lived out on a daily basis. The group visited the poor communities in the dumpsite area, people who live in the cemetery beside grave stones and people whose houses were built on bamboo stilts whose lives were constantly at risk during typhoon season. The living conditions were dire. But there was also good news. The church the team was working with has already an on-going ministry amongst those people and communities, but resources are limited and they need a lot of help. Natural and man-made disasters have frequently left thousands of people homeless, no employment, and children missing education with no hope for the future. The church has become a place of refuge and help to hundreds of people. It became evident that something more has to be done in order to help these families get out of the poverty trap. Giving children a good education would be a good start.
The trip was the catalyst; the need to help and to do more was crystal clear. The charity 'Hopelink' was born.