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Making a difference at a Church Youth Camp

Children responding to the Good News about Jesus

In May, Hopelink sponsored 10 young people to attend a discipleship and evangelistic summer youth camp with our partner church in Manila.

Here is a testimony of Gia (her own words), who we sponsored and went as a camp counsellor/leader.

Ten years ago, similar to most of the kids that attended this year’s summer camp, it was also my first time. Years have passed, and from being the youngest camper, I became the youngest staff and eventually, the youngest speaker. God has used me in so many ways, and I will be forever grateful for being given the opportunity to impart my life to others, the same way someone also imparted their life to me.

Gia Evangelista

As the camp comes to an end, the children were challenged to demonstrate their faith to God. The night before that, in our staff’s meeting, we were all a bit frustrated regarding the faith of the said children – whether they understood it, or not. But surprisingly, these children responded to the challenge that was given to them. They kneeled and cried their hearts out to God. That’s when it struck me. They demonstrated their faith the way their little minds and hearts comprehended it – simple, honest, with humility and with unbridled joy. Perhaps we should not forget that coming to Christ should be similar with coming to him like a child, devoid of pride and hypocrisy, but instead, one with pure intentions and faith and dependence to the Father.

Witnessing this event is an honour, and I hope to see more lives change in the future – the same way God did to my life. I am thankful for all the people that God used in order to make this event possible. May this be not the end of the road, but the beginning of a journey with Christ.

Gia S. Evangelista, Hopelink Recipient

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