​​Our Education Programme supports children and young people from primary school age right through their college and university education. After high school, our students could get qualifications in college, study a vocational course, go to a bible college or pursue a career in nursing, education, finance and IT which could give them a greater chance of getting good employment.

Although education in government run schools are considered free in the Philippines, parents are still expected to kit their children with uniform, shoes, and supplies ready for school. Unfortunately for families in poverty, parents do struggle to provide these necessities for their children at the beginning of the school year. Students are also asked to pay “miscellaneous fees” and although this is not a significant amount of money, many parents still struggle to afford it. Due to this initial outlay of money, parents’ resorts to borrowing money from lenders with unreasonably high rate of interest, which puts them in even more financial difficulty.

This is where our Education Programme come in. Through our regular donors and general giving to the programme, we are able provide our students with school uniform, shoes, ruck sack, school supplies, umbrella, school ‘miscellaneous fees’ and other provisions during the year like books, help with school trips, school projects, food allowance in school etc.

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The cost of sponsoring a child’s education is:

  • £12 a month for Primary and High School pupils

  • £25 a month for College and University students


We currently have 80 children in our Education Programme and only a third of the students have regular supporter. This year, we have the biggest number of K12 (UK equivalent to 6th form level) and university students and this will continue in the coming years as many of our pupils wishes to pursue further and higher education.

How you could support

  • You can support the programme with a specific child you can sponsor. You will be given a photo of that child as well as background information about the child’s family. You will also receive a regular update on the child’s progress. You can communicate with your child through Hopelink if you wish to.


  • You can support the programme with no specific child in mind. You are not expected to write to any sponsored child if you don’t wish to, but you will still receive regular update from us on how the education programme is doing.


However you want to get involved, rest assured that your donation will directly impact the lives of the children and their families.


Without your help and support, these incredible children will remain uneducated with no prospects for their future.


Would you invest in a child’s future? 

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While it is not mandatory for 3-5 years old to go to pre-school, parents are encouraged to send their young children to pre-school so as not to miss this critical stage of development in the early years. Unfortunately, because it is not compulsory, many of the nursery schools and day care centres around are private businesses in which only people with money could afford.


This excludes the thousands of disadvantaged pre-school children who live in the slums. As a result, when these children start school, they are unprepared for school life, and many lack the social, intellectual and emotional skills needed to stay in school and are more likely to drop out of elementary school.  READ MORE?


In 2014, we had our first 20 pre-school children in our programme and every year since we have been inundated with many enthusiastic parents who cannot wait for their children to be registered. The local school in the area has also recognised the value of the programme in preparing the children to school life.


The children are all from very poor background and parents could not believe that the pre-school is free. Not only it is free, but we also provide the children with uniform, shoes, ruck sack and supplies. The children also start the session with a good breakfast because our teacher discovered that many of them would come to class hungry.


With the help of our volunteer teacher and staff, our pre-school programme continues to provide the disadvantaged and vulnerable children the space to improve social skills, stimulates intellectual development, prepare them for the ‘big’ school and sets the foundation for lifelong learning.


We believe that by giving these children a good start in life and taking advantage of this crucial stage of brain development, they are more likely to stay in education and eventually improve their lives as adults.


Would you consider giving to our Pre-school Programme?


£30 will give our pre-school children breakfast for one week.