The geography of the Philippines makes it a welcome spot to more than 20 storms and typhoons forming in the Pacific every year. It is also located in the Pacific “Ring of Fire” where earthquakes and volcanic activity are common. On many occasions the devastation of these natural calamities causes heavy flooding, homelessness, hunger, diseases and even death. 


Fires are also too common especially in areas and communities where houses are densely packed together. Faulty electrical connections and wirings, weak enforcement of safety regulations, negligence and overcrowding are caused by these deadly fires. Every year lives are lost, and properties burnt to the ground due to these inescapable fires. READ MORE >


When calamity and disaster happen, the already poverty-stricken communities suffer the most. They are the ones who loses all their possessions, can’t afford afford to repair their homes, and are at risk of hunger, disease and exploitation. Too often families are displaced, and children’s education disrupted.


Donating to our Relief and Emergency Fund will save lives and would enable us to respond quickly to ease the suffering of those who are affected.


This fund is kept and will be used as and when emergencies and disaster happen.


Would you donate to our Relief and Emergency Fund?

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