When a fire which lasted for 6 hours broke out in Catmon Malabon, over 1000 families lost their homes and their possessions. People were evacuated and took shelter to the nearby school and sports complex until they could return to whatever is left of their homes.

The cause of the fire was unknown but, in an area, where houses are made of light materials, fire could rapidly spread across the neighbourhood. Combined with the fact that the streets and alleyways are so narrow, fire fighters had trouble reaching the affected areas. This was a big blow to an already struggling and impoverished community.

Catmon is one of the areas where Hopelink is working in. After visiting the evacuation centres, we soon found out that families from our education programme were amongst those who lost homes and possessions in the fire. The children’s education was also disrupted as a result.

With our partner church in the Philippines

  • we were able to respond quickly by arranging a feeding programme for the fire victims in the evacuation centre

  • we were able to give “food parcels” to some families

  • we helped at least seven families buy some plywood and other materials so they could rebuild their homes

  • we were able to provide schools uniforms and school supplies to children so they could go back to school as soon as possible

  • we helped resourced a family of the livelihood they lost in the fire

All the families we have helped were so grateful for the support and care they have received. Thanks to our Relief aid & Emergency fund, we were able to respond quickly to ease the suffering of the victims.

Your donation to the Relief and Emergency Fund will save lives.

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