CHRISTMAS “Balik-bayan’ Boxes

Every year, we send 4 to 9 big boxes (8 cu ft. -12 cu ft.) of goodies to our partner churches in the Philippines to be distributed to people in need in their area at Christmas. The boxes are packed with clothes for children and adults, toiletries, bed linens, towels, children’s toys, Christian books, bibles and non-perishable goods like tinned food, pasta, noodles etc. All items are distributed to the poor families to make their Christmas a bit more special.


​A UK volunteer who helped pack the boxes said, “I had so much fun helping pack the boxes and I wish I could see their faces when they open them.”

​Pastor Buboy from Navotas who receives the boxes said, “It’s always a joy to receive and open the boxes as we use the items to bless the needy people in our community and to reach out to those who don’t usually go to church. The ladies from church would divide the items, re-pack them, then wrap them with Christmas wrappers before distributing them.  People are very thankful for such kind gifts.”

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Community Feeding Programme


Many families in the areas we are working in live in a hand-to-mouth existence. Mothers have admitted that most of the time they are only able to feed their children once a day which consist mainly of rice. In desperation, some would resort to eating the left-over food from fast food places like McDonalds to feed their family. Consequently, many of the children are undernourished, underweight and vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses.


As funds are available, we do a community feeding programme for a set period (from 3 to 6 months) where we provide nutritious and delicious meals to up to 30 children. The children are weighed regularly to monitor progress.  Our group of local volunteers cooks the meals, weighs the children and talks to the parents.


£25 will feed 30 children a nutritious meal a day.


If you would like to support our community feeding programme