HOPELINK was registered as a UK charity in 2011, although the education programme started way back in 2002.

The vision came from Pastor Fred, Ahmor’s father, who was a church pastor at that time. Over half of his congregation came from very poor communities and due to poverty parents could not afford to “kit” their children for school. Pastor Fred was passionate about helping and caring for the poor, but his church had limited resources. His request and challenge were simple: would you and Rodney help us?

Growing up in the Philippines, Ahmor knew too well the value of education and how it could help improve someone’s life. Motivated by their faith, Ahmor with husband Rodney started to personally fund the education programme set up by the church in the Philippines. Being missionaries themselves and with two young children to provide for, money was already tight, so taking on funding 30 school children which later grew to 60 children was a huge step of faith that would involve personal sacrifice. Nonetheless, they knew that this was what God wanted them to do. Every school year, there’s always enough money saved up to send for the children’s uniforms and school supplies.

In 2010, Rodney and Ahmor led a group from the UK to the Philippines. The team could not believe the extreme poverty and the dire conditions that many families were living in. Seeing poverty face-to-face was heart-breaking. Yet despite that, there was hope. The team also met some of the children and their families in the education programme. Many of whom have become followers of Jesus. The team wanted to do more.

That trip was the catalyst to involve more people and share the vision, so together with 4 other founding trustees, Hopelink was born.

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Rodney & Ahmor Orr
Founders & Trustees
Lorna Jenne - Trustee
Simon Selley - Trustee
Naomi Perkin - Trustee
Phil Rice - Trustee